Friday, March 9, 2018

How to Post Photos in Instagram from Desktop/Laptop without any other Apps

~Pravin Aryal~Pravin-Aryal

There is no option to post your pictures in the website of Instagram. You have to use the Instagram apk to post any photos or stories. But, I will say you how to post photos or stories in desktop to Instagram. Here, following are some easy steps:

Step: 1

Open the site '' in google chrome.

Step: 2

Login to the site using your Instagram/Facebook id.

Monday, February 26, 2018

हजूर बा र म

~प्रविण अर्याल~Pravin-Aryal


हजूर बा,
समाई हजूर बाले मलाई
त्यो पथ पढाउन मलाई
प्रथम पल्ट, लायक बनाउन
बोर्डिङ्गस्कुल तिर डोर्याउनु भएथ्यो

हजूर बाको औला समाई
समाई कापी र कलम,
क कछुवा, ख खरायो

Monday, December 18, 2017

Requirements for Engineering Laptops:

When purchasing your laptop, there are some requirements specific to those in the engineering field that other students or laptop users may not need as much.

An Engineering Laptop Needs...

  1. 6-8GB of RAM
  2. At least 500GB of hard drive (SSD is better)
  3. Screen resolution of no less than 1600 × 900 pixels
  4. Intel i5 CPU or better
  5. Dedicated Graphics card

Friday, June 2, 2017

Top Engineering Colleges in Nepal

Since, there is no trend of ranking of university/colleges according to educational or academic conditions or quality and their world market value from any official institution, it is difficult to determine the actual rank of the academic institution in Nepal. The list given below isn't endorsed from any organization or institution. It is based on the individual research, study, hardship to get admitted. This list is prepared using popularity and feedback of students. My aim is to provide a reliable, multidimensional and useful information about the colleges in Nepal. Among the list most popular and high ranked institution is Pulchowk Campus then, Kathmandu University and so on.

1.Pulchowk UniversityPulchowk,Lalitpur1
2.School of UniversityDhulikhel, Kavre2
3.Thapathali UniversityThapathali, Kathmandu3

Friday, April 21, 2017

चुलवुले मन

~प्रविण अर्याल~Pravin-Aryal

छन्द कविता

चुलवुले मन चुलवुली खेल्दै, चुल्वुले विश्वमा ।
पखेटा जडी डुल्दो छ संगै बादले खेतमा ।।
शीतका थोपा पिल्पिल गर्दै नक्षत्र पोख्दछन् ।
विहानी घाम पाएर छक्क धपधप वल्दछन् ।।

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